Calgary Yellow Pages Group
THANK YOU! Monday morning has
come and passed and everyone at the
Calgary office is installed at their new
desk. Everything is ready and looking
fantastic!..We would like to thank you for
all your efforts and energy...It was a
pleasure working with all of you! May 2006
A Construction (Calgary): We would
like to take this opportunity to sincerely
thank you and your people for assisting us in
successfully completing the Chinook Centre
Security and Admin Offices. This was not an
easy job and time was of the essence. Your
persistence and perseverance was much
appreciated. Proof, if there is a will it shall
be done. Once more, we are proud to put
our name on another project, completed on
time and on budget.
Bridget B: Two of your employees did the
painting on our house...we are extremely
pleased with the quality of their work. The
job was carried out in a very professional
manner and the painters were very pleasant
to have around. We feel that we made an
excellent choice...and we wouldn't hesitate
to recommend you to our friends.
Precision Drilling: Thank you for the fantastic
job you did at Precision Drilling! Thanks for the
hard work and long hours. We are pleased with
the results, sincerely.
Contractor Super: Thank you all for the
great experiences on the many jobs we've
worked on together.
Sharing your knowledge, insight and
information regarding your trade, to help me to
understand, and going "the extra mile" on the
projects was very much appreciated. I enjoyed
working with all of you...
Project Manager: I just wanted to let everyone know that
Westside Laser & Light looks absolutely amazing, every
trade did an excellent job, please let all your guys know.
Everyone deserves a pat on the back for this one, damn
near perfect if you ask me. The Client is extremely happy,
many thanks to all... E.J.

CRE SITE CONTACT: Just thought I would pass on that
the lady who was in painting and patching went beyond our
request. She was kind enough to cover up other marks in
other rooms and the Home Care staff were very pleased
with the results. If you could pass on a thank you for a job
well done that would be appreciated.
Thanks, Charlaine McIntyre, CRE Site Contact

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